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What are Competency Based Interviews?

Competency Based Interviews are structured, meaning questions relate directly to the essential criteria or competencies that have been identified as key to effective performance.  

The evidence gathered during the CBI is used to make an evaluation of a Candidate’s potential to perform at a particular level across these competencies in the future.

Creating an effective Competency Based Interview has traditionally required expert knowledge and experience. Designing appropriate questions to assess the required competencies has been time consuming and has often meant that Interviewers are reluctant to use CBIs, despite their obvious benefits.

Now, HR Professionals and hiring managers can create CBIs, online, using CBI-SMART.

The CBI-SMART Interview

Within a CBI-SMART Interview Guide, the questions chosen online by the interviewer are grouped together under competency headings. There are usually 2-3 questions per competency . Each ‘core’ question is supported by additional ‘prompt’ questions which help interviewers to gain as much relevant information from the interviewee as possible.

The interviewer records the candidate’s responses under headings labelled C, B and I.

Circumstances (C) The circumstances or context
Behaviour (B) The behaviours or actions the Candidate displayed
Impact (I) The impact or the outcome achieved

The CBI-SMART Interview Guide includes a rating scale from 1 – 5 with definitions and examples of behaviours which typically fall into each category. This helps to ensure that during the marking stage, scores are awarded based on objective behavioural evidence.

When to use CBIs

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